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Hello Everyone,

My name is Ruth E. Kennedy, a Classically trained Vocalist. I have a Masters of Music in Performance from New York University, Bachelors of Music in Performance and a Minor in Drama from Oral Roberts University. Currently I am working on finishing my Creativity Coaching Certification through the Creativity Coaching Association. And have recently finished a Tefol Certification 'Teaching English as a Second Language' through the International TESOL Teacher Training.

While crafting my art I have experienced so much joy and sadness. As I talk with fellow artists I have realized that the support groups are few and far in between for us. It has amazed me how many artists give up or get burned out with the artistic process and I believe it is because of a lack of joy in the art they are creating. Somewhere along the path they have strayed from their purpose, which has caused them to lose the pleasure of creating.

To which end Pure Avant-Garde was created as a tool to help artists like you keep the artistic fires burning. The Avant-Garde was an elite group of soldiers who helped map and plan the route that the whole army would follow. We as artists are our own guard. It is we who must map the pathway to accomplishing our dreams.

Come Journey with Me!

- Ruth -

Ruth E. Kennedy

CCA Certification

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