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 Fellow Artists




Do you know where you want to be with your craft? Have you envisioned what ‘success’ will look like yet for some reason you can’t accomplish? Something is holding you back from creating. For some reason you no longer find joy in your craft. Then come and together we will journey down the paths to help you find the joy in creating. Together we can explore what is stopping you from connecting with your craft and set you on a course for success.

1 Hour: Phone Coaching - $45

1 Hour: In-Person Coaching - $75

1 Month: (4) 1 hour: Phone Coaching’s + Unlimited Emails* - $205 / Special $174.25

1 Month: (4) 1 hour: In-Person Coaching’s - $325 / Special $276.25

1 Month: Unlimited Email* Coaching’s - $195 / Special $165.75

Circular Pathways

Are you preparing for an audition by learning a monologue or scene? Do you want to show your teachers, directors and fellow artists that you not only know the lines but understand what the character is trying to communicate? Then this is the perfect path for you! Together we can take your learning to a whole new level by breaking down the scene line-by-line and setting goals for your character to accomplish. Making your audition or performance the best to date!

30 Min: In Person Coaching - $35

1 Hour: In-Person Coaching - $65

1 Month: (4) In-Person Coaching’s - $250 / Special $212.50

Just Around the Corner Pathways

Creative Pathways

*You, the Client, may email unlimitedly, and I, the Coach, will respond at least two times a week.

Do you have so many ideas bouncing around your head you can’t think? Then perhaps these short coachings are for you. Together we can organize your creative ideas and set you on the right path.

30 Min: Phone Coaching - $25


Free Consultation – It’s as simple as it sounds, together we can figure out what is the best Pathway for you and what you would like to accomplish.

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